"Welcoming to everyone, personable to each child, observations and planning, thoughtfulness of each child’s uniqueness."




Our Team


The warm, friendly, dedicated team help to make Jordans Village Nursery School outstanding and is one of its key strengths. We have a combined 130 years of experience as nursery teachers and most of us are former parents at the nursery. Everyone works extremely well together to provide high-quality teaching. Everyone attends regular training and we are all qualified in paediatric first aid and child protection. Each member of the team has responsibility for particular areas of the nursery's provision. We adhere to the government and LEA SEND code of practice.


When your child starts nursery they will be assigned a key person. The key person will work with you to ensure your child's transition into nursery goes smoothly. Each child is individual and it is important to work at a pace that suits them. The key person's relationship with your child will help them feel happy and secure whilst at nursery.


'the key person system is exceptional. Children form secure, emotional attachments...they meet individual needs extremely well and help build their confidence.'

(OFSTED report, April 2016)


The key person will work with your child to progress them through the 3 prime areas of learning onto the 4 specific areas. The key person makes regular observations which can be viewed on Tapestry, our online report system. Upon entry you will be sent a passcode for your child's online journal. All observations and reports will be available to be viewed at any time. Please add comments or observations of your own to your child's journal. The journal is an interactive, live documentation of your child's progression, growth and learning.


Meet The Team


 Lisa Ballard - Nursery Manager 



Lisa has been with the nursery for over 12 years. She holds a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare. Lisa deals with all the day to day areas of running the nursery and is particularly skilled in messy/outdoor/imaginative play. Lisa also has her own child minding business, which she has run for over 10 years. You can contact Lisa at




Liza Langton - Assistant Manager



Liza is the Assistant Manager and has been with the nursery for over 12 years. She has a level 3 Diploma in Childcare. Liza is the SENCO lead and provides support for children with SEN. Liza also looks after the website, updating the current news section weekly. Please contact Liza with any website input or submissions.





Catriona Field



Catriona is joining the nursery this September (2021). She is a qualified teacher and has held many teaching positions throughout her career. We are delighted to welcome Catriona to our team.





 Chrissie Driscoll



Chrissie joined us last September. Chrissie has been a foster carer for many years and has undertaken many child care training courses. Chrissie has also been a child minder.




   Lisa Dandeker



Lisa has recently joined the nursery team. She has previously been a childminder and has relevant childcare training. She is a Girl Guide leader at a nearby Brownie Pack.




 Lorraine Doyle



 Lorraine joined our team initially as a volunteer. She joined the permanent staff in September (2021). We are delighted to welcome Lorraine to the nursery.




Nicola Coyne



Nicola has been with the nursery for over 10 years. She is a qualified teacher. Nicola is our Child Protection Officer. Nicola, with Sam, organises our termly concerts.




Samantha (Sam) Pettit



Sam has been with the nursery over 16 years. She has a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare. Sam, with Nicola, organises our termly concerts. Sam also liaises with our parent fundraising team to help raise money for the nursery.




Susan Lawrence



Susan has been with the nursery for over 5 years. She is a qualified teacher. Susan looks after our library, ensuring we have a broad range of books covering all areas of learning whilst reflecting the cultural diversity of the nursery children.




Susan (Sue) Howes



Sue has worked with the nursery as a member of our bank team for a number of years. She has recently joined the permanent team. Sue is a qualified teacher and has been a childminder for many years. 



 Liz Phillips - Finance Manager



Liz deals with all monetary matters. She is happy to assist parents with their BCC funding. You can contact Liz at


Julie Leonard - Admissions Manager




Julie looks after admissions and reservations for sessions for your child. You can contact Julie at


In addition we have 2 dedicated bank/voluntary members of staff who regularly help at nursery -Chris and Heather. All are Level 3 or above qualified. Claire is our pianist, who comes in weekly to play for the children. She also plays at all our concerts.


           Chris                                Heather     


































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