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Autumn Term 2019 


Welcome back to everyone. It was very exciting to see how much the children have grown over the summer and to hear all their news about their wonderful adventures over the holidays. A big welcome to all our new children and their families we are excited to start your learning journey with you all.


House Keeping

After a busy summer please can we remind everyone to name their children's clothes so that we can keep track of them and return any lost item to their owners. Don't forget to bring some spare clothes for your child's peg bag and wellies, as we go out whatever the weather. If your child is having lunch with us please remember to put an ice pack in their lunch box to keep their food fresh. Thank you.


We have had a fun start to term and here are some of the things we have been doing...



The children enjoyed lots of activities to support their counting skills. They helped to make a bright number washing line collage suggesting items to hang on the line carefully counting to ensure we had 10 items of clothing. We rolled play dough counting the balls carefully. We counted balls to match our ages, siblings ages and house numbers. The children thought about one more or one less. Finally we read the story 'Six Dinner Sid' counting Sid's beds and bowls as well as looking at the names of the street where Sid lived and looking at the house numbers. Great counting!




 The children enjoyed mixing sand and mud together using different sized sticks. They compared the sizes of their sticks 'Mine's the biggest!' They talked about how the colour of the mixture changed, the more sand they added to the mud the lighter their mixture became. They mixed and stirred making a wonderful concoction!



What's The Weather?

The children created a lovely weather board. First, they cut out a cloud, following the line carefully. Then, they painted their hands blue and made hand prints. We placed the handprints under the clouds to look like rain falling from the cloud. They added a rainbow and a sun to show what happens if it rains when the sun is shining.

We looked at the iPad to see the different types of weather. The children recognised many of the different weather systems. They even had their own suggestions for the types of weather - storms, rain, snow, sunny, hot, cold, windy, rainbows.

We finished off our day looking for different shaped clouds in the sky.  It then started to rain so we sang 'Rain, Rain Go Away Come Back Another Day!'






Every Home Should Have One...

The children had fun trying out our new banana cutter. They placed it over a peeled banana and pressed down, then 'hey presto' the banana was sliced into multiple pieces. We wonder how we did without it!



 Singing With Claire

It was great to see Claire back playing the piano for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed dancing and singing to favourite songs such as ' Five Little Monkeys', ' Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'The Grand Old Duke Of York'.




The children helped to harvest our potatoes, that were planted last term and have spent the summer growing. We tipped out our large tub onto a tarpaulin and then the children sifted through the mud to find the potatoes. They found lots and lots of potatoes of varying sizes. They brushed the earth off the potatoes and placed them in a basin of water. They then washed the potatoes and sorted them into size order. Once lined up by size they counted all the potatoes. We were very pleased with the amount we had grown. We then cooked them and ate them for snack. Yum!




Thank You Chris

We were delighted to see Chris who came to visit us this week. She very kindly brought the children a gift. They were very excited to open the big box she brought with her. They were absolutely delighted to discover lots of lovely wooden builders vehicles - a digger, an excavator, a roller and a very large crane. She also brought some 'cup stilts' which the children tried out finding them very tricky to balance on! Thank you very much Chris what a wonderful surprise and fantastic gifts.   





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