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Summer Term 2019 





We are very sad to be saying goodbye to Chris, who is retiring. Chris has been a wonderful member of the JVNS team. Her dedication, kindness and happy disposition has touched all those who have worked with her or been cared for by her. She is a master at concert planning, preparation and performance and will be very big shoes to fill. We wish Chris all the very best and we are absolutely delighted that she has agreed to be part of our supply team so we will still get to see her (and her amazing cakes!). We had a leaving dinner with Chris last week and also cake and gifts were presented to her at our Summer Concert. There were many tearful, heartfelt tributes to Chris, showing how much she is loved by all the team, children and parents. Our very best wishes to you Chris, we hope you will enjoy your time relaxing, baking, gardening and of course learning Italian. Remember this not goodbye just au revoir...



 Sailing Boats

 We made boats, designed beautiful sails for them and then they sailed away along our drainpipe river! They ended up in our water tray sea where we hoped they would float but found that many of them sank!! However, they soon dried out in the glorious sunshine.






Thank You Mrs Turkington And Jordans School

The children gave Mrs Turkington a handmade cushion and card to say thank you for making them feel so welcome at Jordans School. The children have had a wonderful time visiting and making use of all the resources in the reception class. It is a very special experience and extremely beneficial when preparing for school transition. Thank you very much to all at Jordans School for making our visits great.




A Last Visit To The Woods

We had a special treat for the children who visited the woods at the end of term. They had fun helping to build a campfire and then "toasting" marshmallows before eating them. Lucky them!



 Seaside Day

What a lot of activities were on offer at our seaside day on Wednesday. The children could hook ducks out of a paddling pool, thank you for the loan of the equipment Charlotte. They could use fishing nets or a rod to fish for all sorts of animals. They made starfish from pre-cut shapes and Cheerios; they made shells from play dough; they walked the plank, avoiding the crocodiles. They balanced holding heavy milk containers, filled with water, to  increase muscle strength and balance. They played a memory game, remembering seaside items on a tray. They created super glittery, sparkly seahorses - which looked fantastic all hanging together. They dug out treasure from the sand. They created rivers with our water wall and they popped the bubble wrap waves! What a jam packed day!






As part of our seaside day, the children made a starfish using glue and Cheerios. The children selected a pre-cut starfish shape in their favourite colour ( blue, red or pink) and carefully applied glue all over the area. They then picked and glued one Cheerio after another until all the surface was covered. This activity is really good for eye and hand coordination and their fine motor skills. Each starfish was great and each child was very proud. We hung them together with the seahorses. They look amazing!





Everyone had a lovely time at Bekonscot. The weather was fantastic, making a fun visit perfect.



Single Use Plastic

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our boycott of single use plastic. It went extremely well, with a variety of ideas and methods used for lunch items. Susan found a very topical and interesting book on plastic, appropriate for the children. She also found a useful list of suggested books for reading together over the summer. Thank you Susan. We hope you find these suggestions useful.





Concert and Picnic

What a fantastic concert. The children sang and performed brilliantly, we were so proud of them all. Thank you to all of them for making it such a special concert for Chris. Our grateful thanks to Claire for playing the piano and Chris and Sam for making the magic happen. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when our older children sang their 'Leavers Song', magnificent and of course when we all said goodbye to Chris. We will miss all our leavers very much. It has been our absolute pleasure to look after them all and watch them grow and progress. We wish them all the very best as they start school and we hope you will pop in and visit us.




 The concert was followed by our picnic in the playground. It was great to see so many of you there enjoying the good weather, chatting and of course enjoying the cakes! We wish everyone a fantastic summer.


Thank you very much for your very generous gift. We love the picture and will hang it with pride at nursery. We are very much looking forward to a visit to The Ivy and are very touched by your thoughtfulness.


Enjoying the cake and a cup of tea at the end of the day.



An enormous thank you to our fundraising team who have worked all year to raise money for the nursery. We would like to thank Hayley and Becks for leading the team . You have raised an amazing £2500, a fantastic amount that has helped us run the nursery, buy new resources and greatly benefit the children. Thank you to Hayley for organising and running the film nights, the mugs and the clothes bags which made a significant impact on the total. We feel very lucky to have such wonderful parents who we know have all given time and money to the nursery. Thank you all.




Have a great summer. Remember term starts Monday September 9th. We look forward to welcoming you back and our new ones to nursery.














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