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Spring Term 2020 


Welcome back. It has been lovely seeing all the children and hearing their exciting news about their Christmas holidays. We would like to welcome our new children and parents joining us this term. We are looking forward to a packed term full of adventures, activities and learning experiences.


Sharing Our Christmas News

The children were excited to share their news, telling us what they did at Christmas and what Santa got them. 'I got a big, big rocket'. ' I love my Spider-Man web shooter'. 'I got a girl baby, she is called Dolly'. 'My Christmas tree has an owl on it'. 'I love spending time with my mummy, daddy, brother, sister and dog'. 'Santa bought me an orange digger. I play with it outside'. 'I love my cat, George'. What lovely news.




Our A, B, C Collage

The children were provided with plenty of resource - scissors, glue, paintbrushes, coloured paper, paint, pens and pre-cut alphabet letters. The children choose a letter and which resources to use to decorate it. Whilst creating, they sounded out the letter. They then thought of things that started with the letter - a for apple or aeroplane; b for bee, butter and bear; c for car or cat; d for dog or dinosaur; etc. We will continue decorating letters and listening to the sounds they make, whilst thinking of words, throughout the coming weeks until we have all the letters of the alphabet on our collage board.



Look What Landed In Our Mud Pit

We were very surprised to see a rocket in our mud pit! The mud pit became the surface of the moon and the children used their imaginations playing with the astronaut figures, moon buggy, rockets, etc.



A Busy Time With Friends

The children were excited to see their friends after the Christmas break. They have been very busy playing with a lot of different toys including bikes, cars, scooters, writing with chalk, hoola hoops and puzzles.  There has been lots of chatter and imaginative play. The children have been helpful to each other ' Do you want to ride the bike with me?' 'It's your turn now.' 'Can I help with that puzzle?' They have counted and recognised numbers. Used mathematical language during play - 'my car is parking in the number 5 spot.' Weaved in and out of cones on the bikes and scooters and played follow my leader (Sam!).



Drainpipe Fun

The children made a great obstacle course for the balls with the drain pipes. They balanced the drain pipes on the stand connecting the last piece with the caterpillar. Thy rolled the balls down and watched them disappear into the caterpillar. They hung over the top of the caterpillar and encouraged their friends to roll the balls faster and faster!



 A Busy Morning On The Roads

It was a busy morning with the cars. The children helped to create a track. As they played they observed the ambulance and knew that you need an ambulance 'if you are poorly' . The children found and counted 5 fire engines ' You can ring 999 if there's a fire'. The children also found two trucks, aeroplanes, police cars and a bus.



All Aboard

The little boat was full of passengers. Someone fell over board but it was ok because ' they had a life jacket on so they could float.' The boat travelled on the sea with a variety of captains. The children decided to do a spot of fishing but when they looked into the sea there were no fish to be seen. So they set about drawing some together. Soon the boat was surrounded by fish, octopus, sharks, rocks and seaweed. The children also drew sand and a beach. What an adventure! Some of the children even found time for a little bit of sunbathing!



Music Time

The children had a box full of instruments to choose from. They picked one and experimented with it, playing slowly, quickly, quietly and loudly. They listened to the different sounds their instrument made and thought about how the sounds made them feel. We sat in a circle and sang a song passing our instrument to the person sitting next to us. We listened to the different sounds each instrument made and then choose our favourite. The cymbals turned out to be the number 1 choice. We then marched around the hall playing our instruments. We played our instruments along to music on the iPad, we thought about how the music made us feel - happy, sad, excited, cross, etc and then moved in a way that expressed these feelings. A very musical afternoon.




The children helped to make gloop. They put the cornflour in a jug. When asked what it looked and felt like, they said "soft and looks like flour". They added water to the cornflour, pouring it carefully from a jug. They felt the mixture and described what it felt like. "Really hard now, I can't stir it". All the children had a go and said how hard it was, even those children who thought they were really strong! They all suggested tipping it into the sieve. It was quite tricky but they persevered. The children appeared fascinated as the gloop trickled through. When asked what it looked like, a child commented, 'it looks like snow".' White rain', said another. They had a lot fun feeling it drip through their fingers and swirling it around in the tray. It was a little messy as Susan's coat can testify!!



The Science Of Cooking

Before we cooked today we needed to ensure our egg was a 'happy egg', was it fresh enough to eat? A simple experiment of carefully putting the egg in an amount of water. If the egg floats it is not happy, if it sinks it is. A child carefully lowered the egg into the water, "It sinks" they said. When asked what that means, the children replied "it's a happy egg". They then went on to use the egg to make banana muffins. They counted out their spoonful's of ingredients, chopped up a banana and mixed them together until they had a smooth consistency. They filled their muffin cases and then took them to the chef of the day to bake in the oven. They smelt lovely when cooking. Thank you very much to Lucy for coming in to help us cook. It makes such a difference to the children and to us to have a volunteer for cooking. Please do sign up to help out. The sheet is on the noticeboard in the porch. If you can spare an hour on Friday morning we would be delighted to have your help. Thank you.




X Marks the Spots

The children drew Xs around the playground to show where the treasure was hidden. They played together building on each others ideas and discussing where the X should be placed. We hope there really is that much treasure hidden in our playground!



 Hungry Little Minds

Your child's brain grows fastest during the first 5 years of life. As a parent, you play a huge role in feeding your child's mind and helping them to communicate. The government has launched an initiative called Hungry Little Minds which is designed to provide information and ideas to support your child's development at home. We hope you will find this information helpful and interesting. The website can be accessed via the following link:


 Early Years Premium

 The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is additional funding for Early Years providers to help them improve the education they provide for 3 and 4 year-olds in need.  Please use the following link to check and see if your child may be eligible to receive this additional funding.  


Dates For The Diary

Please check the term date tab for the dates of all events for the coming year.


 Let's Try To Keep The Germs Away!

We always teach the children to cough into the crook of their elbows to keep their hands clean and stop the spread of germs. As there are a lot of colds and coughs around we thought it would be good for everyone to practise this at home too.



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