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Summer Term 2019 


Thursday June 13th

Please be advised that nursery will be CLOSED on Thursday June 13th as the hall will be being used as a polling station.


Look What We Are Growing In Our Garden

We made a colourful collage of things we can grow and find in our gardens. We have been learning a song about growing vegetables, we have planted and tended vegetables in the nursery garden, we have visited the allotment to see the things that are growing and we have talked about and created lots of bugs and insects. So we decided to make a collage covering all the things we have been learning. The children made a large sunflower from yellow card, carrots from their footprints, sweetcorn from bubble wrap, cabbages from paper mache and ladybugs and beetles from fingerprints. We talked about the different feel of the textures of the materials we were using. We popped the bubbles on the bubble wrap, felt the paint tickle our toes and fingers and spread the gloopy newspaper soaked in watery glue over a balloon. We sang our song as we worked, to ensure we were making the correct number of vegetables 'six ears of corn are growing in my garden.'



School Visit

The children had a busy morning at Jordans School. They carried their bags to the school and then tried hard to change, with just a little help, for our gym session. They crawled, balanced, slithered, pulled themselves up with their arms and jumped on/off the beams and boxes. Some children were a little nervous of balancing, on the high boxes, but they persevered and gained confidence. After gym they explored the playground visiting the woods, climbing on the boat and watching what the bigger children were up to. After playtime they explored the resources in the Reception class - playing outside in the sand; enjoying the stones/diggers; investigating the stands, cars and tubes, where they worked with their friends to make a course for the cars to slid down. On the tuff tray they discovered a message ‘Can you make a shape picture?’ Some of the children chose to take part in this activity while others made a great super hero mask. One child commented, when asked who their favourite super hero is, 'my mummy.'



Cooking Activities This Week

We were able to do a couple of cooking activities this week. With the first group we decided to make some jam buns. We read a book about shopping for ingredients and thought about what we would need to make our jam buns. 'Jam' was the first thought, quickly followed by 'flour'. We discussed what else and looked at the other items on the table 'sugar and butter'. We then talked about weighing the ingredients - what would we use 'scales'! As it was a lovely morning we decided to cook outside, after washing our hands, we gathered around the table. From the weighed ingredients we spooned the flour and butter into our bowls, counting each spoonful carefully. We then 'tickled' them together to form breadcrumbs. We added a little sugar and milk to make a dough which we rolled into a ball. We carefully pushed our thumb into the centre to make an indentation where we could put the jam.  Our second group made apricot, oat biscuits. We read a different book about chefs in the kitchen and the jobs they need to do. We thought about what we needed to do to our ingredients 'chop, snip, stir and mould. After washing our hands we got to work mixing the sugar, flour and oats together, snipping up the apricots, stirring in the melted butter and golden syrup and then moulding a biscuit shape with our hands. They both smelt delicious when cooking so we hope they tasted equally as good.




Making Tracks

The children used various vehicles, with different tyre tracks to make patterns across paper. They rolled the vehicles in the bright coloured paints and raced them along the paper making stripes, wavy and zig zag lines.



Which Nursery Rhyme/Song Shall We Sing?

The children delved into a bag and pulled out a toy, they then guessed which nursery rhyme/song the toy represented, such 'Miss Polly Had A Dolly'; Five Little Monkeys', 'Old MacDonald ', etc. We then sang the song together. The children did really well guessing the songs and remembering the words.



Bubbly Fun

We filled the water tray with bubbly water which delighted the children. They enjoyed pouring and sucking up the water into various containers and making a foamy, frothy, bubbly rosemary soup!



 A Story in The Shade

After enjoying a lovely sunny day the children had a rest in the shade, listening to a story.



Taking A Ride

The children took a ride on our train and boat - when asked where they were going we were told 'to the zoo to visit the monkeys!'



Choosing A Card And Posting A Letter

We needed to buy a birthday card for one of the teachers so the children helped us pick. We walked to the shop and looked at all the lovely cards on sale, it was vey tricky choosing the right one! On the way back to nursery we posted a letter, after checking we had a stamp on our letter.



Why Do We Play With Play Dough?

Rolling, poking and squishing play dough helps to build muscle strength in fingers and hands. These same muscles are used for skills such as cutting and holding a pencil in a pincer grasp. Children are also learning hand eye co-ordination as they use their hands to shape the play dough. Each different way children shape the play dough - pushing, pulling, squashing, squeezing, rolling, chopping, cutting - builds fine motor development in a different way. With this in mind, we made play dough outside in the sun on Monday. The children helped to identify the ingredients, select the colours, read the recipe, mix and knead until they each had a ball to take home.



Helping In The Garden

The garden needed a bit of a tidy up so the children helped to spread some bark over the bed in our sensory garden. They tipped bark from a big bag into a bucket then spread that on the earth. They suggested tipping the entire bag on the bed and thought they were ‘definitely strong enough to do that’. They observed the bark had a woody smell. We talked about why we were putting the bark down. Ideas included to make it look pretty, for the bugs, to stop the weeds and to help the plants grow. Great ideas. The children also helped to cover our potatoes with earth, to keep them 'hilled up'. This helps the new potatoes form and gives them a better flavour.



Stick Art

With lots of lovely resources the children set about decorating some big sticks which they had painted. They glued and stuck tissue paper, coloured cellophane, pom poms, wool and sparkling material. ‘This looks like a snake wrapped around a tree’ exclaimed a child pointing at his handiwork. Soon it was hard to tell there was a stick under all the decorations.



Jack And The Beanstalk

We have been busy recently planting, and taking care of our flowers and potatoes. We went for a walk to the allotments to see what other people were growing. On the way we chatted about what we might see. Suggestions included lettuces, carrots, oranges and bananas! We talked about what plants need to grow, and why we might not find oranges and bananas growing in Jordans.We then walked around the allotment looking at the various things growing there. The children recognised strawberries, lettuces and onions. We also saw rhubarb, artichokes, potatoes and tomatoes. We noticed that some plants grow above the ground, and others under the ground. We saw tomatoes growing in bags in a greenhouse, and talked about why the greenhouse was needed.When we got back we read the story of 'Jack and the beanstalk' and then the children each planted a bean. They scooped compost into a pot, made a small hole with their finger and popped a seed into the hole. A little more compost was then added to cover the seed. We then gave our beans a little water. The children seemed very confident that every seed would grow into a huge beanstalk like in the story!



Inspired By Van Gogh

Painting on foil is great for children working on fine motor skills and understanding how and what happens when you mix colours. The children used thin paint brushes and their fingers to create a painting inspired by "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh. They used different shades of blue, white, yellow and gold which they swirled around on their foil canvas. We talked about mixing the blues and whites to make different shades for the sky, large and small circle swirls and clockwise and anti clockwise direction.  Each piece of artwork was unique and the children felt proud of their achievements.



Animal Boogie Woogie

We read the book 'Animal Boogie Woogie', a wonderful rhyming story about different animals hiding and then revealing themselves to dance together in the jungle - 'Down in the jungle where the trees grow high? What can you see flying in the sky?' The children listened to the story first and then acted out the different animal parts. They put on animal masks, choosing from a bird, an elephant, a bear, a snake and a monkey. They played instruments as we repeated the main refrains from the story. We swung like a monkey, stomped like an elephant, ran like a leopard, flapped like a bird and slithered like a snake. We played our instruments as we moved, fast when running, slow when stomping, gently when flapping.The children all joined in with the actions, listening to the words as they played their instruments, and moving in the way the music made them feel.



A Woods Adventure

We set off in search of an adventure, ‘what might we see in the woods’ “a bear” “a lion” or even “a giraffe”. We walked holding hands and looking around us at the lovely flowers growing in people's gardens. When we arrived at the woods the children found a dip that they could run down, taking turns they all had a go!. We then went of to find somewhere nice to have snack, we found a bench so we decided to lay out our picnic rug next to it. We found the children were quite hungry after their walk. After snack we walked around the woods, finding  different length and shaped sticks. We reminded the children not to lift the stick up in the air if it is longer than their arm. We came across a den made of sticks, the children explored the surrounding area, some made pictures using sticks and leaves, one little girl made a bunny rabbit face from the things she had found. We did some bark rubbings learning how to hold the paper and rub the crayons over the paper at the same time. We went on a big hunt using the pictures we had brought with us, we found most things but not a worm.  Finally we had a game of hide a seek, we tried really hard to find a place to hide but we kept getting found! We made our way back to nursery, on the way the children found another dip to run down, this time it was much steeper, they were so brave and fearless. Thank you very much to our two parent helpers who came along for our woods adventure, it was lovely having you there and it enabled us to take all the children on the visit.



Sports Day Practice

We had our first practice for sports day, over on the green. The children did really well listening to instructions, waiting their turn and of course running really fast. We are looking forward to the big day on June the 18th and will be practicing more over the coming weeks. We hope to see you all there.




We will be having an 'Imagination Day' on June 20th and would be grateful for any large boxes you may have deliveries in to be kept for that day. Many thanks.



As the good weather approaches please can we remind you to always send your child in with protective footwear, such as trainers and closed toed shoes. We are very active, climbing, pedalling, visiting the woods, as you can see and flip flops, crocs and sandals make it hard and uncomfortable to take part in these activities. Thank you.


Album - 'Notebook'

One of our parents, Richard Cornish is pleased to announce the launch of his album 'Notebook'. It is a collection of songs that showcase Richard's journey through love and loss. Sales from the album will raise money for the AMMF Charity and Jordans Nursery. The CD is available to purchase at nursery, the village shop and Yaldens. Many thanks for your support.


Bric A Brac Appeal

Jordans Fair is to be held on Saturday 8th June. There will be many stalls including a have a bric and brac stall. If you have any items you would like to donate please call Graham on 01494 875515. Thank you.



Benefits of Sleep

We have been sent information from the Benefits of Sleep Organisation, who are dedicated to improving public health and well-being through better sleep education. If you are interested in finding out more please read their guide Benefits of Sleep/The Impact of Sleep on the Body -


Parenting Classes

Information on parenting classes run by Buckinghamshire County Council can be found on the following website, should anyone be interested.


Potty Training

We are often asked for information on potty training we have found the following website link useful.



Please remember to park considerately when dropping off and picking up. Please don't park across driveways or opposite the village shop. Jordans is a small village and can become congested at busy times. Please ensure you leave as much time as possible to allow you to park safely. We love our village location and wish to ensure our neighbours are happy. Thank you.


Contact Details

Please informs us of any changes to your contact detail information so we can up date our records accordingly. It is very important for us to have the correct contact numbers for all primary carers. Thank you.



Please remember to always shut the gate and lower the latch when entering or leaving the nursery playground, to ensure the safety of all the children. Thank you


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

In order to improve the process for applying for EYPP and to remove any barriers to parents checking their eligibility there is now an online checking facility.


 What To Expect, When

This is a useful document to understand developmental milestones. It gives great ideas of activities to do with your child to aid progression.






























































































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