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Spring Term 2021


Parent Questionnaire

We hope you have all received the questionnaire emailed out recently. Thank you to those parents who have completed them. We would be grateful if all questionnaires could be returned by March 26th. We appreciate everyone taking the time to fill them out. Thank you.


Nursey Closed May 6th

The nursery will be closed on Thursday May 6th as the hall will be used for a polling station for local elections.



We made our tambourine from paper plates, coloured circles and jingle bells. The children glued different sized circles to their plate. They understood they needed to start with the biggest and then go smaller, finishing with a tiny dot, so that all the circles would show. They then punched holes around the outside of their plate and threaded through pieces of wool. A teacher then threaded on the jingle bells and secured them in place. The children played their tambourines as we sang nursery rhymes and familiar songs.





We had a volcanic eruption at nursery this week. The children learnt some new words, lava, magma, eruption, dormant, and extinct, "that is when you don't see it any more" said one child. We found leaves, twigs, wood, dinosaurs and all sorts to decorate our volcanic area. Whilst we sat around it we talked about what we might hear ....... a rumble in the jungle might be first. Clouds that could look like rain clouds. Monkeys might be squealing and running away, the birds might stop singing, "the people in the houses would run away because the lava is hot". The trees would "burst into flames" said another child. Great excitement ensued when the magma turned into lava and flowed down the volcano.



Flower Pressing

We looked carefully at the daffodil heads and talked about the different parts of the flower. The petals, and how many there were, the stamen and the trumpet of a daffodil. One child said, "that is where the bee goes and finds the nectar and pollen, then he takes it and makes honey"
We decided to add it to our collection of pressed flowers.



Climbing And Jumping

It is great to see the children's confidence grow and grow as they clamber up our climbing frame. From tentative climbing up the rungs slowly placing two feet on each rung to using alternate feet to step up quickly. Then jumping off, initially holding two hands, then one hand, to leaping off as high and as far as they can! 'I can touch the sky!' 'Look at me I am a rocket blasting off'.



Fairy House

The children made a wonderful fairy house, with lots of magical doors. They painted it with the colours they thought the fairies would like, adding polka dots to make it special. They made a bed with lots of blankets to keep the fairies cosy. They played with it at nursery with our fairies but hope to take it to the woods soon for the real fairies!



World Book Day

As part of world book day we made books. We talked about authors,  illustrators, what the front cover normally looks like, the title of a book and that the pages are numbered. We then had fun making our own. We were delighted to hear so many imaginative stories.

After reading the book 'The Gruffalo's Child' we experimented with a torch to create the shadow that makes the little mouse look "big, bad and strong". We look forward to some sunny days when we can make some big shadows in the playground.




Communication Week - Telephones

This week is communication week for all Early Years. Communication is a key part of everything we do at nursery - conversations, listening, processing and following instructions, games and interactions all need good communication skills. As an extra focus we made old fashioned telephones using string and 2 cups. The children were surprised you need string between the 2 cups 'my mummy's phone doesn't have string!' The children need good communication skills to use their telephones with their friend. They also had to remember 1 person speaks into the cup whilst the other holds the other cup to their ear! They had a lot of fun with their telephones.



Family Learning Courses Online

Buckinghamshire Adult Learning are running free workshop for parents of early years children to help support early language, play development and healthy, active lifestyles. The short courses are practical and provide valuable opportunities for parents to meet virtually, talk, share ideas and explore how to support their child's development. Please click on the following link to see the flyer for more information:

EY Family Learning Online Courses Feb Mar 2021.pdf


     Drop Off And Pick Up Procedure

As a reminder: Parents/carers will be asked upon arrival if their child has any Covid 19 symptoms and a note will be made of their response in the register. Children will be welcomed to nursery at the gate  Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the Nursery. Parents are asked to observe the 2 metre social distancing rule at drop off and pick up. Please wear a mask, if possible. Children will  be taken inside to wash their hands.  Their hands will also be washed before leaving the nursery. We will bring the children out to you at the gate. Thank you for your cooperation. Please click on the following link and refer to the flow chart for more information on what to do should you or anyone in your household have symptoms.


COVID-19 - A quick guide for parents and carers (Setting version).pdf


 As, unfortunately, parents and carer can not enter the nursery at the moment the following is a picture of our noticeboard with information and contact numbers.



Coronavirus Information

Please follow government guidance and stay home if anyone in your household, develops a temperature or cough, isolating for 10 days. Symptoms are:

- A high temperature (37.8 degrees and above)

- A new, continuous cough

- A loss of taste or smell

 Please follow social distancing advice and keep your distance to protect all those who are most vulnerable.

A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Please support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.

For further information please click on the following link:

 Let's Try To Keep The Germs Away!

We always teach the children to cough into the crook of their elbows to keep their hands clean and stop the spread of germs. As there are a lot of colds and coughs around we thought it would be good for everyone to practise this at home too.



Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Please take a look at the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS) website for information on a range of topics relating to family life, from childcare, local services, education and family centres, to health, money and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The service offers open-access sessions and health services for early years children and parents from a network of 16 family centres across the county. It also offers a range of support for parents with children aged up to 19 years. For more information on all the BFIS has to offer click on the following link:


Tiny Happy People

The Duchess of Cambridgeshire is supporting this initiative from the BBC. Tiny Happy People is there to help you develop you child's communication skills. It has simple activities and play ideas for you to explore and find out more about your child's amazing early development.


 Hungry Little Minds

 Your child's brain grows fastest during the first 5 years of life. As a parent, you play a huge role in feeding your child's mind and helping them to communicate. The government has launched an initiative called Hungry Little Minds which is designed to provide information and ideas to support your child's development at home. We hope you will find this information helpful and interesting. The website can be accessed via the following link:


Early Years Pupil Premium

 The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is additional funding for Early Years providers to help them improve the education they provide for 3 and 4 year-olds in need.  Please use the following link to check and see if your child may be eligible to receive this additional funding.  





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