‘I love knowing what the children have been doing and often use what I’ve seen/read to find out more from my child!’




Summer Term 2021


Sports Day

 Sports Day will be held on Thursday June 24th, weather permitting. The older children will run their races first at 9.30am followed by the younger children at 11am. All children are invited to take part in Sports Day. We have sent an email out with more details on how Sports Day will be run.


Sports Day Practice

The children have been practising their races ready for Sports Day next Thursday. They are excited to show off their running skills so fingers crossed for good weather.






Our Visit To Jordans School

Our older children have the opportunity to visit Jordans School to take part in various activities. This is wonderful preparation for their next step and an excellent part of school readiness.

The children walked to school remembering to look and listen out for cars. Once we arrived we were welcomed by Mrs Swain the headteacher who showed us where to go. We followed her through the school to a wonderful outside area just for us! The children were thrilled when they saw the enormous castle climbing frame. We then met Mrs Turkington the reception teacher. The children were keen to get on the castle and had lots of fun climbing up the rope steps, using the climbing wall and sliding down the wiggly slide. We then had our snack and got changed into our PE clothes, ready for some music and movement. The children moved like different animals in time to the music. The children then changed back into their clothes ready to move on to other activities. They used the bikes, tandem bikes and other ride-on equipment. We finished our visit with an art session, the children, inspired by the castle, drew their own castle, some added princesses, a prince and a couple of monsters too.






Salt Dough Letter Painting

 Our salt dough letters have finally dried! The children chose a colour to paint their letter, some chose their favourite colour and some chose the colour of their bedroom. They had to make sure they painted every little bit! Once dried they will be ready to varnish, so they will be glossy and shiny.




Mud Paint And Tree Hugging

As it was a very hot day we decided to go to the woods where it was shady and cool. We took some paint brushes, trays and water with us. Once there we set up a base camp and then the children went to explore. They were interested to find out how to make mud paint. Easy! We asked them to dig up some mud and place it in our trays. We then added water and the children stirred it together to make gloopy, blobby mud paint! They set about painting patterns and their initials on tree trunks. We also tried tree hugging, which is meant to release hormones to make you feel calmer and happier. The children joined hands and hugged a big tree, as well as hugging trees individually. We asked them how they felt 'cool', 'it feels rough', 'happy', 'sleepy' were some of their replies.





Our Caterpillars Have Changed!

The caterpillars have been eating and eating so they have grown enormously. The children were excited to see them changing so quickly. They were surprised when, by Tuesday morning, there were no more caterpillars! Instead there were several chrysalis hanging from the lid of the pot. We opened the pot so the children could have a closer look at the delicate chrysalis, swaying in the air. We then placed them in our butterfly net ready for the next stage in the life cycle. We are looking forward to seeing what will happen next.





Rock Cakes

The children were invited to make rock cakes. They took turns measuring out the flour and butter into their bowls. They then used their fingers to 'tickle' the ingredients together until they formed breadcrumbs. They added a little milk and some raisins, stirring everything together with a spoon. They then spooned out the mixture onto the baking trays ready for the oven. They smelt delicious as they cooked, we hope they tasted good too.





Seaside Afternoon

 With the weather being so hot we thought it would be a good idea to have a seaside themed afternoon. We gathered together some paddling pools and invited the children to bring in their swimwear and towels. There was much excitement in anticipation of the afternoon. The children could hardly wait to finish their lunch and get changed into their beach wear! They splashed in the paddling pools, hooked ducks and built sandcastles, just like being at the seaside. There was much laughter and squeals of delight as the children cooled down in the water. We finished the afternoon with a delicious ice cream cone and judging by the enormous smiles it was just the right way to finish the day!







What A Wet Day!

After the lovely sun on Wednesday the rain didn't stop on Friday! Rain didn't stop play though. We put on our wet weather gear and splashed in puddles, collected rain in buckets, found lots of snails and generally got wet!



Celebrate Freedom

One of our families is hosting this fun event on Saturday July 3rd from 7-11pm. It is a one night Karaoke competition with cocktails and canapes for charity. Raising money for International Justice Mission UK. To find out more or RSVP please email




 The Royal Foundation Research


In 2020, The Royal Foundation commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a major research study, exploring what the UK thinks about the early years. (

There are three main themes that emerge from this research:

1. The importance of promoting education and dissemination of evidence on the primacy of the early years to parents, parents of the future and the whole of society.

2. The need to cultivate and sustain more support networks for parents to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.

3. Encouraging society as a whole to be more supportive of parents, carers and families in the early years.


 What we experience in the early years, from conception to the age of five, shapes the developing brain, which is why positive physical, emotional and cognitive development during this period is so crucial.

Please see the following leaflet to explore this further:


Leaflet (1).png


 Family Learning Courses Online - New Courses added
Buckinghamshire Adult Learning are running free workshop for parents of early years children to help support early language, play development and healthy, active lifestyles. The short courses are practical and provide valuable opportunities for parents to meet virtually, talk, share ideas and explore how to support their child's development. Please click on the following link to see the flyer for more information:


Family Learning Courses Early Years June 2021 (B) (1).pdf


 Buckinghamshire Healthy Start poster amended (1).pdf


      Drop Off And Pick Up Procedure

As a reminder: Parents/carers will be asked upon arrival if their child has any Covid 19 symptoms and a note will be made of their response in the register. Children will be welcomed to nursery at the gate  Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the Nursery. Parents are asked to observe the 2 metre social distancing rule at drop off and pick up. Please wear a mask, if possible. Children will  be taken inside to wash their hands.  Their hands will also be washed before leaving the nursery. We will bring the children out to you at the gate. Thank you for your cooperation. Please click on the following link and refer to the flow chart for more information on what to do should you or anyone in your household have symptoms.


COVID-19 - A quick guide for parents and carers (Setting version).pdf


 As, unfortunately, parents and carer can not enter the nursery at the moment the following is a picture of our noticeboard with information and contact numbers.



Coronavirus Information

Please follow government guidance and stay home if anyone in your household, develops a temperature or cough, isolating for 10 days. Symptoms are:

- A high temperature (37.8 degrees and above)

- A new, continuous cough

- A loss of taste or smell

 Please follow social distancing advice and keep your distance to protect all those who are most vulnerable.

A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Please support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.

For further information please click on the following link:

Please see the latest advice on keeping safe with Lateral Flow Testing:

Universal Testing_A4_Loved Ones.pdf


Universal testing_A4_High Street.pdf


 Let's Try To Keep The Germs Away!

We always teach the children to cough into the crook of their elbows to keep their hands clean and stop the spread of germs. As there are a lot of colds and coughs around we thought it would be good for everyone to practise this at home too.



Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Please take a look at the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS) website for information on a range of topics relating to family life, from childcare, local services, education and family centres, to health, money and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The service offers open-access sessions and health services for early years children and parents from a network of 16 family centres across the county. It also offers a range of support for parents with children aged up to 19 years. For more information on all the BFIS has to offer click on the following link:


Tiny Happy People

The Duchess of Cambridgeshire is supporting this initiative from the BBC. Tiny Happy People is there to help you develop you child's communication skills. It has simple activities and play ideas for you to explore and find out more about your child's amazing early development.


 Hungry Little Minds

 Your child's brain grows fastest during the first 5 years of life. As a parent, you play a huge role in feeding your child's mind and helping them to communicate. The government has launched an initiative called Hungry Little Minds which is designed to provide information and ideas to support your child's development at home. We hope you will find this information helpful and interesting. The website can be accessed via the following link:


Early Years Pupil Premium

 The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is additional funding for Early Years providers to help them improve the education they provide for 3 and 4 year-olds in need.  Please use the following link to check and see if your child may be eligible to receive this additional funding.  









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